100% fruit frozen delight

Nicecream is the world's first and only frozen dessert made entirely from fruit, with nothing else added! 

Each pint of Nicecream is made from fresh, sweet fruits, whipped and frozen to perfection. With only one or two ingredients, Nicecream is naturally low-calorie (50-60 cal/serve) and fat free, with no added sugar, so you can enjoy it by the pint, and feel great about the healthy choice you're making!

previous packaging

still in circulation

You may still see these bright blue pints on shelves when looking for Nicecream over the next couple of months. Rest assured, it is the same product! 

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50 - 60 CALORIES


a tasty choice

real ingredients

Bananas are naturally sweet when fully ripe and have a delicious, creamy consistency that creates the perfect nutritious treat, without sacrificing taste. Go on - eat the whole pint and know you’re making a healthy choice! 

more than a dessert

Think beyond the pint - Nicecream is so healthy you can have it for breakfast! Add it to a smoothie, drizzle with peanut butter, or add it to your oatmeal for a healthy treat you can enjoy any time.

vegan and sustainable

Ditch dairy and go BANANAS! Meat and dairy companies are amongst the biggest contributors to climate change. Making kinder purchases is the easiest way for anyone to reduce their impact on the planet and influence positive change.

less waste

Nicecream is made from imperfect and "too-ripe" bananas. Our bananas are puréed in their country of origin to avoid shipping thousands of pounds of banana peels around the globe.

kind choice

healthy choice

naturally low-cal and fat-free

Mother Nature made fruit naturally low in fat and calories and high in nutrition and hydration, so they won't slow you down. You can always count on fruit to be a light, fresh and sweet choice!

nutritious and filling

Nicecream is the perfect healthy snack to fuel your day thanks to its natural fibre, inflamation-fighting antioxidants, electrolytes, nutrients, and easily digestable carbs. 


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A recipe for any time of day! Topped with fresh fruit, in a smoothie, or sprinkled with dark chocolate, we're sure you'll find a recipe you love!

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