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rebranding announcement

Our Founder & CEO, Brooke Hammer, shares behind the scenes insight into all of the changes we've made, the rebranding process, and why we made these big changes now.

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why is chimp treats rebranding?

Chimp Treats has had loosely the same look from the very beginning. Over the years, we've learned so much about our customers and we've honed in our mission and values, making us realize that we can do better.


When we launched Nicecream, we thought kids would be our biggest demographic and, given that most natural products at the time were beige, brown, or green, we designed bright blue, pink, and yellow packaging. It popped off shelves compared to products around it and we loved it! Over the years, as more brands began leaving behind the stereotypical natural product colours, Nicecream began to blend in. Nicecream is the only product of its kind in the whole world - there's no way we could let it fade into the background!


We realized how accessible a 100% fruit product was and that our biggest customer group consisted of everyday women while our packaging appealed to children more so than adults. The front of the packaging didn't drive home that Nicecream was 100% fruit, so we wanted to incorporate fruit in a big way and clear up confusion between "Chimp Treats" and "Nicecream" once and for all.


With all this in mind, we set out to create fresh, colourful branding that better conveys our message, stands out on shelves, appeals to a wider audience, and will succeed in many different countries. It took 6 months to create and we did it all ourselves because we know our brand and vision better than anyone (and we're pretty handy in the Adobe suite if we do say so). While the packaging may not be the brightest possible blue anymore, it's true to who we are, and we hope you love it, too!

prettier pints

for the nicecream you know and love

The Chimp Treats logo is changing as well as our colour palette, fonts, and product packaging. The Chimp Treats name and tagline remain unchanged. Nicecream packaging will no longer have the Nicecream logo (this suggested our company name was Nicecream to customers) and will instead have the Chimp Treats logo on the front and "nicecream" in the product name. Instead of the nicecream logo with "mango banana" underneath, the packaging will read "mango & banana nicecream". Nicecream is, after all, a category all its own. It's not ice cream, it's not sorbet, it's not gelato... it's Nicecream and it's a product in its own right!

what all is changing about chimp treats and nicecream?

fresh fruit

inside and out
who created the new look?

We did! The design work took place entirely in house and we collaborated with an awesome, Canadian watercolour artist to paint and digitize the fruit on the packaging. We went through dozens of iterations over 6 months before meeting all of the goals we had set for the rebrand with a finished look we absolutely loved. 

when will these changes take affect?

Now! The new Chimp Treats logo and website are active and product is being filled in the new packaging. We anticipate it will take 2 months for stores to switch over fully from old to new packaging but rest assured, even if you don't yet see the new packaging - the product is the same! 

We found that the Nicecream logo suggested to customers that our company was called Nicecream and made it hard to find us and connect with us online. Also, the Nicecream logo took up the entire front of the packaging, when we wanted the focus to be on fruit. While we loved the banana illustration in the Nicecream logo, we wanted to move away from vector illustrations towards more realistic graphics, without going too traditional or literal. We strived for modern, fresh, and clear in the redesign. Nicecream will now be a part of the product name. For example, instead of having the nicecream logo with "strawberry banana" underneath, the packaging will read "strawberry & banana nicecream". We believe this change in naming structure, coupled with the beautiful fruit illustrations, will better explain what Nicecream is to customers.

why did you remove the nicecream logo?
why did you change the colours?

Think of Elle Woods in the "God, that woman wears a lot of pink" scene. The colour palette was geared to kids with pinks, blues, and yellows that were as bright as possible. We found that our website and print materials were dominated by pink, which wasn't our original intention. We wanted to keep this lovely colour in a more modern and balanced way. We centered our designs around peach and coral, with accents of sage green and butterscotch yellow. We strived to stay colourful and fresh but in a more refined way that spoke to the natural and 100% fruit nature of our product. In the give and take of design, we had to lose the "bright as possible" colours to gain balance and clarity.

"in the give and take of design, we had to lose the super-bright blue and pink to gain balance and clarity"

Nope - if you see old and new packaging side by side (don't worry, it won't last long) please know that the product inside is the same! We continue to innovate and improve our manufacturing process to improve product quality and consistency without changing our 100% fruit composition, but no such changes are aligned with the rebranding. 

are the actual products changing?

We're growing up! After launching in the market in June 2017, we've grown nationally, and we're about to start shipping to our first retailers in Europe. We see now as the perfect time to implement these changes so new countries launch with the same branding we have in Canada. Also, this Fall rebrand after a busy summer means we'll be 100% transitioned before Spring of 2020, setting us up for a smooth and successful busy season!

why are you rebranding now?
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